Folksongs and Footnotes

Daniel Malhão - Prata da Casa Project

→ 05/05/2021

From the neighborhood scale to the street and the detail in a building. From a wide angle to zoom. The motivation came from an old urgency: to photograph the neighborhood and the city of Lisbon, focusing on buildings and urban details. This look is more attentive to buildings considered ‘interesting’, not their beauty or architectural quality is beautiful, but because of their uniqueness, one or another detail, line or personality trait. For a potential for fiction.


Antecâmara + Número – Arte e Cultura


MC / DGArtes

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DANIEL MALHÃO was born in Lisbon in 1971. He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. He completed the Complete Photography Course at Ar.Co between 1995 and 2000, having participated in the exchange program with The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, for which he had a scholarship from FLAD. In 2005 he participated in the Gulbenkian Program for Creativity and Artistic Creation (Photography). He has exhibited his work in several exhibitions, individual and collective, national and international, being represented in several private and institutional collections, with emphasis on individual exhibitions at the Baginski gallery (2003 and 2005), Vera Cortês – Agência de Arte (2004 and 2006 ), Cristina Guerra – Contemporary Art (2008 and 2011), Visual Arts Center (2012-13) and Belém Cultural Center (2014). He was nominated for the BES Photo 2007 Award. Since 2008, he has been teaching at several institutions of artistic and higher cooperative education.

The exhibition “Folksongs and Footnotes” by Daniel Malhão is part of the PRATA DA CASA project.

PRATA DA CASA is a collective creation project that aims to portray the people and the territory of a part of the city of Lisbon (Anjos-Arroios), based on the relationship of the artists residing there with the surrounding social and cultural fabric. Focused around the idea of ​​community, it is a ‘photographic’ reflection on each individual’s history, in relation to the collective and community history of their neighborhood. The final result of this process, revealed in an exhibition (galleries and various local public spaces) and in a book, will be the possible radiography of a landscape that has been rapidly changing in recent years.

PRATA DA CASA is a project by Associação Número – Arte e Cultura, with the artistic direction of José Luís Neto and the participation of Claudia Fischer, Daniel Malhão, Isabel Aboim Inglez, Luciana Fina, Pedro Loureiro, Rui Viana Pereira and the collective A Ilha , a partner of the project together with Antecâmara, Duplex and Passevite, among other local structures. The organization has the support of the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts, the Municipality of Lisbon and the Arroios Parish Council.

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