Luandando – the city gerund

Exhibition on Luanda, curated by Paulo Moreira

→ 26/11/2021

“LUANDANDO – the gerund of the city” materializes the experiences, ideas and perspectives shared during several conversations with personalities linked to Luanda, from different areas. The interdisciplinary works presented here show a complex, vivid and glowing city. They reflect on how architecture and urban space are ‘done’, in a continuous and incessant collective effort.



PAULO MOREIRA (Porto, 1980) is an architect and researcher. In 2011, he founded the atelier Paulo Moreira architectures, whose work has focused on contexts of urban conflict and social need. In 2018, he completed his PhD, at London Metropolitan University. In the same year, he founded INSTITUTO, a cultural space in Porto, where he is Artistic Director. He is a postdoctoral fellow in the Africa Habitat research project (Ref. 333121392), coordinated by FAUL, financed by FCT and AKDN (“Knowledge for Development Initiative” program).