For Our Skin

Video art / dance and a performance by Rita Vilhena and Yael Karavan

→ 10/09/2021

FOR OUR SKIN is an art / dance video and performance, based on the exercise and the urgency to think more deeply, as a global society, about the need to look at the relationship with the planet. Human fragility and the imminent danger to which life is subject, irrational and unconscious ambition. In this guise, a metaphor known in several traditions – the planet as the body of a fertile woman and the vital and nutritious aspects of nature. Measure the pulse of human actions and waste, and feel repercussions on the body, when talking about facts, poetry, beauty and the horror of being made of the same atoms and molecules … And, perhaps there, to understand that in the great human landscape, everything is interconnected.



Rita Vilhena e Yael Karavan

Institutional Support

Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture DGARTES


RITA VILHENA is a choreographer and researcher on dance and movement in cultural or religious acts in different communities and the body as a culture or sacred place. Professional dancer since 2003, her main motivation is the idea of ​​transformation and participation, driven by intuition and pleasure. Her latest works #VIBRA #DOR and CORPO SANTO are a mark of his artistic journey with an interest in Ritual and Performance. In 2005, Baila Louca created improvisation and performance in Rotterdam. BL was born from an individual challenge, giving visibility and collaborating with artists who inspired her, such as Meg Stuart, Vania Rovisco, Julien Hamilton, Bruno Listopad, Jeremy Wade among many others. She is a dance teacher at the Escola Superior de Dança e Holanda, and is part of the national and international community of Contact Improvisation. Graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança, Academia de Dança de Rotterdam and Master in Performing Arts; she was a fellow at the Center for Scientific Research in Dance and Musicology at INET-md.

YAEL KARAVAN is an award-winning Israeli / British performer, dancer and director, has traveled throughout Europe, Russia, Brazil and Japan studying and working with several masters in the search for the elaboration of an authentic training method and a contemporary physical language of expression that connects east and west, theater and dance. Using elements from Butoh, dance, mime, clown, physical and visual theater, she explores the themes of memory, metamorphosis, the invisible and the notion of repeated cycles, intertwining dreamlike environments with moments of humor, balancing on the fine line between the tragic and comic, intimate and collective. She has been acting professionally since 1999, performing in theaters, festivals, as well as in galleries and museums, developing a theatrical and site / specific / responsive work around the world and has been a member of the award-winning Russian physical theater company ‘Derevo’, from ‘Mamu Dance Center ‘by Tadashi Endo and’ Ten Pen Chi ‘by Yumiko Yoshioka among others. Teaches Butoh around the world and at Fórum Dança and at Faculdade Nova de Lisboa.